“The Best Of Us Can Find Happiness In Misery….”

West Coast Vacation 557The toe tag is Lucy Miranda. I’m 23 years old, from a rinky-dink town in Maryland. I see a therapist, a psychiatrist and a nutritionist every week to keep my head screwed onto my shoulders. I grew up in a normal childhood but somehow, my personality was morphed and pressed into a Borderline Personality. In other words? I’m hostile, angry, clingy, hot and cold, highly emotional and totally unpredictable. I’m every girl on the first day of their period. All the time. The trips to the doctor though, are helping. I’m not such a brat. I love movies, music and writing. My family, though once unimportant to me, now mean the entire world. I would totally lose my nuts and bolts if something happened to my family. I have very few and select friends, one of whom is my younger brother. They know everything about me and are totally, 100% accepting. I love them and there is nothing that could tear us apart. I drink way too much Mountain Dew, I don’t eat enough food on a daily basis, and I have more health problems and doctors than any one person should. But hey, this is it! I’m stuck between Lucy- the Borderline, crazy, wild, get-what-she-wants-without-caring-who-she-hurts-along-the-way chick and Lucy- the new, healthy, beautiful, loving-herself-and-everyone-who-loves-her-back woman. Here’s to you, reader! Thanks for spending time with me, plunged into my wacky world! Just remember to leave a trail of antipsychotics so that you can find your way back. šŸ˜‰


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